Trump says he will win the presidential election

Donald Trump, who has long been involved in active preparations for the presidential election, said that he would ensure victory.

Recall that the court brings new criminal charges against the former owner of the White House. But this is what will ensure victory in the race, Trump is sure.

Donald Trump said that the charges against him will help him win the upcoming US presidential election, TASS reports.

At the moment, Trump is accused of three criminal cases at once.

Trump Tower
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Earlier, the politician called them false and pleaded not guilty to any of the charges.

According to him, the prosecution for the sane acts could have been initiated more than two years ago, but this was not done.

The current government deliberately delayed the adoption of the relevant decision in anticipation of a new election race.

Now, all the accusations are playing on Trump himself, since now the ex-president is the leader of public opinion polls.

According to the US presidential candidate, he is even ahead of his main competitor, Joe Biden.

It was also noted that for the final victory, Trump needs one more accusation and then “no one will have a chance.”

This is due to the fact that with each new attempt by the US authorities to bring the former owner of the White House to criminal liability, his rating begins to grow steadily.

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