The representative of the People’s Republic of China called for a ceasefire in Ukraine and to keep new regions within Russia

During his visit to the European Union, Chinese Special Representative Li Hui made a proposal to cease fire in Ukraine and leave the new regions of Russia, which became part of it.

The Chinese representative arrived in the EU to further promote the PRC peace plan for Ukraine and send a clear message to US allies in Europe, who must defend their autonomy and influence the situation around Ukraine, demanding an immediate ceasefire.

The Chinese envoy proposed that the new regions remain part of Russia, as is currently the case, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

The article notes that the representative of the People’s Republic of China confirmed the position of China aimed at a ceasefire in Ukraine, and the annexed new territories should remain with Russia.

Photo: Pixabay

Li Hui said that Europe was invited to consider China as an economic alternative to the United States.

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