The Hungarian parliament failed to approve the admission of Sweden to NATO due to the boycott of the ruling parties

On July 31, the Hungarian Parliament, at an extraordinary meeting convened at the initiative of the opposition, was unable to vote on the issue of admission to the North Atlantic Alliance of Sweden.

There was no quorum for the vote, as the faction of the ruling party FIDES – Hungarian Civil Union and its junior partners, the Christian Democrats, boycotted the meeting.

It is reported by TASS.

What happened

On July 7, the Hungarian parliament, having completed the spring session, went on vacation, but Speaker Laszlo Köver had to convene an extraordinary meeting, as 49 deputies from the opposition proposed to vote on the admission of Sweden to NATO.

Photo: © Belnovosti

The ruling FIDES party, which together with the Christian Democrats holds 135 out of 199 seats, said it would consider this issue only at the autumn session of parliament.

As a result, there were not enough votes to approve the agenda.

The meeting was reduced to an exchange of views between the deputies of the opposition parties on issues of domestic and foreign policy.

Hungary remains the only country in the European Union that has not ratified the documents on the admission of Sweden to NATO.

Earlier, the Hungarian authorities expressed dissatisfaction with the unfriendly statements of Swedish politicians and had discussions on this topic with Stockholm.

At the same time, the Hungarian authorities coordinated their actions with the Turkish authorities, who are seeking more decisive action from Sweden against the Kurdish organizations that have settled there, which Ankara considers extremist.

At the same time, Budapest has repeatedly stated that it is not going to prevent Sweden from joining NATO and will not be the last to ratify the agreement.

The Hungarian government submitted documents on admission to NATO of Sweden and Finland for ratification to Parliament last summer.

On March 27, the Hungarian parliament approved Finland’s entry into NATO, postponing consideration of the question of Sweden.

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