CNBC: Ukraine ignored US advice, which caused discontent of the American leadership

The repeated disregard of the US advice by the Ukrainian authorities caused serious dissatisfaction of the American leadership.

This is reported by the American television channel CNBC, citing sources.

Why Washington is unhappy

As a source told CNBC, Washington strongly advised Kiev not to do certain things, but the Ukrainian authorities did them anyway, dismissing or brushing off US warnings, and then complaining to the US, Washington, the administration of President Joseph Biden for not engaging Ukraine in negotiations under the auspices of the North Atlantic Alliance.

The channel notes that the strategy chosen by the Ukrainian authorities and the symbolic meaning that Kyiv attached to the struggle for every piece of territory is often at odds with the military perspective and pragmatism of Ukraine’s Western allies.

Photo: © Belnovosti

CNBC also notes that although NATO countries at the Vilnius summit reiterated their support for Ukraine, they also showed that Kyiv needs to see the line between demands and pressure on allies and understand their priorities.

In addition, the indignation of the American leadership was caused by the criticism of the actions of NATO by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Comments made by Zelensky ahead of the latest summit were not well received in Washington. The American administration was very annoyedthe source said.

Earlier, the American edition of The Washington Post reported that the comments of the President of Ukraine caused dissatisfaction among American officials participating in the Vilnius NATO summit.

Recall that at the NATO summit in Vilnius, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO countries took three steps towards Ukraine: they approved a multi-year military assistance program, approved the creation of the Ukraine-NATO Council and abolished the Membership Action Plan.

In the final statement voiced by the NATO Secretary General, it was said that an invitation to the alliance would be sent to Ukraine after an agreement was reached between the allies, when all the conditions were met.

Zelensky then called the lack of a time frame for inviting and admitting Ukraine to NATO unprecedented and absurd.

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