28 minutes found on the beach of a popular Turkish resort

An unusual incident happened on the beach of the popular Turkish Black Sea resort of Şile near Istanbul.

On July 30, 28 unexploded mines were found there, as reported by the NTV channel. The beach is closed.

A dangerous find was discovered at about ten o’clock in the morning (the time coincides with Belarusian time) during the dive of divers.

At least 28 munitions were found, of which 8 were brought ashore for subsequent destruction, – quotes the statement of the local authorities by the Rossiya Segodnya MIA quoted by the TV channel.

Photo: social networks

According to reports, the found mines are planned to be destroyed on Wednesday, August 2.

Currently, divers continue to survey the seabed near the beach. Sofular Beach is reported to be closed.

According to law enforcement officers, all other beaches of Şile are open, “there were no problems there.”

In turn, in an interview with the Russian news agency, military expert Igor Korotchenko suggested that the beach named above could be closed due to Ukrainian drifting mines.

He recalled that such finds had previously been found on the Romanian coast and near the Turkish straits.

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