Horoscope for today: August 3, 2023

Taurus will be delighted with changes in life, and Gemini will be slowed down by failures.

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Today, it’s not worth waiting for support or help from the outside, no one will especially run after you and will not stretch out their hands.

You will have to rely only on your own strength. You will be able not to drown in the whirlpool of events if you try to protect yourself from all the misfortunes of this day.

Today you are lucky in communication, you can easily win the sympathy of the representative of the opposite sex you like.



Today you can be very lucky in your personal life. In this field there will be changes for the better.

Probably, your dreams will come true, and you will be incredibly happy. Also, the day is suitable for the implementation of bold ideas.

On this day, you can find answers to previously unsolvable questions and deal with the affairs of the past period.


Today it will be difficult to achieve the set goals. You can relax and enjoy what you have in your hands by this time.

On this day, it is worth reconsidering your plans for the future, getting rid of unnecessary illusions and realistically assessing what is happening.

Probably, today you have to make important decisions, take responsibility for those who are close to you.


A great day to complete previously started business and start implementing new plans.

Today, be aware of current events, keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening.

On this day, rely on your intuition in business, be careful in your statements.

a lion

Today it will be difficult for you to cope with all the problems that have fallen on you.

You will not be as active and active as you would like it to be.

Also during this period, restore communication with loved ones or others if you are in a quarrel with someone.


The day will be good. It will turn out to have a great time and solve many issues in your favor.

Today it is better not to change anything radically and accept the current state of affairs.

Important events and meetings may take place in the afternoon or late afternoon.


The beginning of the day will be an auspicious time for many things. You will have a lot to deal with.

You will cope with the tasks assigned to you, you will act resourcefully and actively.

During this period, you can start a new business, make dreams come true.


The day will be favorable for any occupation.

It is better to do something that does not require too active actions and concentration.

Today it is better to make less fuss and do the work without haste. Also, your emotionality can hurt.


Today you can easily solve several important problems.

On this day, you should not waste your time on trifles, it is important to concentrate on business and fully devote yourself to work.

You will have a chance to restore past connections, some Sagittarians will have a romantic date.


The events of today will develop ambiguously, some of them can make you pretty nervous.

Also on this day, it will not be possible to avoid quarrels and quarrels. The money issue will worry you a lot.


Events will develop successfully for you, but at the most inopportune moment, unforeseen problems may arise.

The main thing is not to lose optimism and not give in to difficulties. Today you don’t have to spend time idly.

Tune in to the fact that there is a lot to do and work hard from the very morning.


Today you are lucky. It is possible to cope with the assigned tasks, personal matters and provide assistance to loved ones.

Today you will correctly assess the events taking place, mistakes and punctures in business are not expected.

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