Horoscope for today: August 2, 2023

Leos won’t lose, and Virgos will stay out of trouble.

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Today is full of sudden expenses, but you will be ready to go to the goal without stopping at anything.

Intuition will not fail, but when it comes to personal relationships, her clues can be erroneous. It’s better not to jump to conclusions now.

The intriguing stormy romance that began at this time will have no prospects.

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The day will be favorable for many things, eventful, but rather tiring.

On this day, fate will puzzle you with unexpected twists and turns. During the day, events can develop very unpredictably.

Today it will become clear how to act and where to move, and you do not need energy and self-confidence.


Representatives of this sign should not give up and let emotions take over.

Today, listen to your intuition, because other people’s arguments may be erroneous.

If your finances turn out to be a serious problem at this time, then you should think about reasonable savings.


This day will be quite difficult. It is likely that you will have to use all your charm, worldly wisdom in order to correctly plan your actions and communication with others.

If you do not forget about all the agreements, then relations with a partner can heat up to the limit.

a lion

Today you will have a great opportunity to meet interesting people.

Circumstances will turn out well for you, you can take on new and interesting things.

Improve relationships with loved ones. During this period, you can start to change something in your life.


Today you will succeed in many things. Everything that you have in mind can be brought to life without much difficulty.

In this case, the result of your actions will seem to you less than you expected.

Do not overestimate your abilities so as not to feel miserable.


This day will bring you a charge of positive energy, you will feel on the rise, your energy potential will be on top.

During this period, you will have to make important decisions and make choices regarding further actions.

Therefore, today give great importance to your words and actions.


Today, an unforeseen set of circumstances will negatively affect your affairs, which you should beware of.

The struggle with difficulties will be a futile exercise. For a positive solution to certain issues, it is better to wait until the situation clears up.

During this period, be prudent and practical, do not let your unbridled desires take over.


Today you will have to make some efforts to resolve current issues.

The day will be ambiguous, you may feel apathy and the mood will be at zero. However, you will do very well during this period.

Everything can turn out quite favorably if you approach the organization of your pastime with full responsibility.


Today it is worth paying close attention to the state of current financial affairs.

At this time in communication, you can find yourself in an ambiguous situation if you play around, pretend and lie to others.

Today, the revelations of loved ones will be an unpleasant surprise for you.


This day will be filled with significant and pleasant events.

The strangest things can happen today.

At this time, luck itself will float into your hands, so feel free to make plans for the future and do not be afraid to lose.


Today, all your bold ideas and ideas can be realized to a greater extent.

On this day, your influence on others will increase. You can take advantage of this circumstance and achieve what you want.

During this period, you may also receive good news, which will be a pleasant surprise.

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