Horoscope for today: April 1, 2023

Taurus has nothing to worry about, and Virgo is adorned with modesty.

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Today you are waiting for generous gifts or surprises that you did not expect at all.

You have to be a leader, and, probably, new responsibilities will fall on your shoulders.

Today, take care of yourself and improve your skills – the result is worth it.

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If today you have new ideas worthy of attention, then do not give up on them, otherwise you will miss out on something exciting and surprisingly good.

Today, boldly challenge the conventions, or at least the barriers that you yourself have set.

Do not hide your emotions, a frank conversation will never be superfluous.


A sober assessment of current events will help to avoid mistakes and miscalculations.

Difficulties may arise in business during the day, it will not be so easy to bring everything that has been started to the end.

During this period, you should not demand too much from yourself and others.


The events of the past can affect the present day.

The subject of your concern will be problems with children, with parents, material difficulties.

Also, personal life will be in question. You will not always understand exactly what others want from you, how to properly respond to their actions and actions.

a lion

Today, an event can happen that will be bright and memorable.

On this day, you will be in a good mood, look at things with optimism.

You will tend to get ahead of events, start to implement plans, not fully convinced of their realism.


Today, try to refrain from drastic actions, decisions and conclusions.

Throughout the day, the current situation will remain tense.

Your life potential will be at a high level, but in business the situation may change and not always in your favor.


The situation today will develop ambiguously.

Circumstances will not always be in your favor, no matter how much you would like it.

Today it is necessary to control your actions in order to be able to insure yourself in time at a certain moment.


This day is marked by events that will lead to a reassessment of values.

At the same time, it will be difficult to change anything today, so you should not be too zealous.

To avoid the routine in business, you can take a risk. However, you need to remember the consequences of your actions and calculate everything in advance.


The day is favorable for solving important issues, major purchases.

Today you can easily get more than you planned.

Interesting things can happen during this period. During the day, there will be a high probability of a successful combination of circumstances.


Today it is recommended to reconsider plans for the future. During the day, rely only on your strength.

At this time, do not burden yourself unnecessarily, taking care of others, resolving issues related to the family.

Lonely representatives of the sign should expect a message from an old acquaintance.


On this day, it is good to do household chores, take care of relatives and children.

You can make an action plan for yourself in the morning and move in a given direction.

You run the risk of being thought too frivolous and may miss something important, and then regret it.


An unexpected turn in fate is not ruled out, but a little shake-up will not hurt you.

Today, in order to realize our plans, we have to spend more time than usual.

The stars recommend a thoughtful approach to solving current issues, in any situation to remain cheerful and optimistic.

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