Simeon the Stylite Day: what not to do on June 6

The Orthodox honor Saint Simeon of Cappadocia today.

He became famous for taking tonsure in his youth, began to adhere to strict rules, and spent all his time in prayer. By his behavior, he even embarrassed the local abbot, who offered to moderate his ardor or leave the monastery.

As a result, Simeon decided to go into the cave.

Over time, people began to come to him who wanted to be healed of ailments.

Photo: © Belnovosti

The saint, who wanted to be alone again, built a pillar and settled on it.

Later, he increased its height to 45 meters. Even his own mother, he did not allow to go beyond the fence.

As for the folk calendar, the holiday is called Simeon’s Day, as well as the “Svoborinye tree” – this is the name of the wild rose, which is a symbol of youth and love.

The date is associated with various prohibitions:

  • No need to lose heart, remember grievances, otherwise unpleasant memories will haunt you until autumn.
  • Picking rosehip flowers is prohibited. It is believed that this is to the loss of a lover. An exception may be if you need to prepare a medicinal infusion based on flowers.
  • Don’t complain about problems today. If you violate the ban, then things will go even worse.
  • You can not borrow money, quarrel, swear.

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