Will come in handy! 4 useful beauty hacks for women

We always want to look beautiful, don’t we? So that we don’t have to go to various specialists very often who could “refresh” our appearance, it is very easy to prepare various face masks at home, take care of our feet, and improve our appearance and well-being in other ways. These four useful tips will certainly help you, because almost every woman has faced the problems mentioned below.

“Black dots”

In order to effectively get rid of “black dots” in one of the problem areas of the face, it would be valuable not only to buy masks available in the store, but to prepare them yourself.

  • put five pieces of activated charcoal in a bowl, add a little gelatin and hot water, then mix everything well;
  • then apply the mask on the problem area with a brush and let it dry.

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Rough, hard heels

Dealing with rough, cracked heels requires a valuable method.

  • grind an aspirin roll, creating a powder;
  • then pour it into a bowl and add citric acid;
  • add a little water and mix;
  • then pour the created mass into two small, transparent plastic bags, put them on each leg, socks on top of them;
  • hold for 15 minutes;

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  • then take off the sock and you will see that the skin will have started to peel off, tear it off.

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Your feet will be silky smooth!


A painful, red bump

Can’t get rid of a big, painful bump? There is a solution for this!

  • cut the garlic in half and smear it on the place where the bump is.
  • allow about 5 minutes for it to “bite” the pump landing site;
  • after that it will be less noticeable, the redness will have subsided.


Dark armpits

Do you want to get rid of dark underarms as soon as possible? It’s very simple!

  • put sea salt in a bowl;
  • then add soda and hot water;
  • finally, a little vinegar;
  • everything is mixed and gently massaged into the armpit.

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There will be no trace of the dark pigment!

In the video material below, learn how to successfully use honey for your own benefit.

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