Why you can’t put your bag on the floor: here are the consequences

There’s an obvious reason why a bag without wheels shouldn’t be placed on the floor: the bottom of the item can get dirty.

  • money problems
  • Problems in personal life
  • Problems at work

However, this is not the only reason to comply with the recommendation.

According to popular beliefs, a bag standing on the floor can provoke other problems.

They will be connected with personal life, work and financial sphere.

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money problems

If a person put a briefcase, backpack or bag on the floor, he should be prepared for financial difficulties.

The situation will be aggravated if there is a wallet in the bag.

It is believed that in this case a person shows disrespect for money, so he will soon begin to lose them.

Problems in personal life

According to superstition, a woman should not put (and even more so – throw) a bag on the floor: this action can lead to a quarrel with her beloved man.

It is possible that the conflict will eventually lead to separation and the breakup of the family.

Problems at work

Male representatives should also give up the habit of putting the bag on the floor.

According to folk signs, such an action can provoke serious difficulties in professional activities.

There is a risk of making a serious mistake and losing your job.

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