What pensioners working on a contract must receive

In addition to vacation and additional payments, they are also entitled to sick and nursing pay. And what are the negotiators entitled to?

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After working for more than four hours, the employer must also provide a working pensioner with food or give him a meal ticket.


According to the Labor Code every employee who has reached the age of 33 is entitled to at least five weeks of vacation. People who have worked for the same employer for at least 60 days are entitled to vacation.


An employee who works at night, is entitled to an additional payment of 40% of the minimum wage for each hour worked, which is currently 1.333 euros.

For working on a holiday the employee must receive a supplement in the amount of 100% of his average hourly earnings.

If the employee works on Saturday, he must receive an additional payment of 50% of the minimum wage, so he receives 1.667 euros for each hour.

For working on Sunday the employee is entitled to a supplement in the amount of 100% of the minimum wage, which is 3.33 euros per hour.

Meal vouchers

After working for more than four hours the employer must also provide food for the working pensioner or give him a meal ticket. The minimum value of a meal ticket is 3.83 euros.

The employer is obliged to provide the employee with time off, for example, for:

  • examination or treatment of the employee in a medical facility. Work leave with salary compensation will be provided for the time that is absolutely necessary, a maximum of seven days a year.
  • accompanying a family member to a medical facility for examination or treatment (for a maximum of seven days a year)
  • upon the death of a spouse or child the employee is entitled to two days’ paid leave and the next day to attend the funeral of these persons, in the event of the death of a sibling or parent, the employee is entitled to one day’s leave and the following day if the employee arranges their funeral
  • impossibility of travel to work for weather reasons by an individual means of transport used by an employee with a disability
  • unforeseen traffic interruption or delay of regular public transport
  • relocation of an employee, who has his own housing – leave from work without compensation for a maximum of one day when moving in the same municipality and for a maximum of two days when moving to another municipality. If the move is in the interests of the employer, a leave of absence with salary compensation will be provided

What the negotiators must get

  • The employer must pay them at least the minimum wage. This year, the hourly minimum wage is 3,333 euros. This means that if you work 40 hours per month according to the agreement, the employer must pay you at least 133.32 euros gross.
  • They are entitled to time off in case of important personal obstacles at work. The employer must therefore give them time off, for example to visit a doctor. However, unlike regular employees, they are only entitled to unpaid leave.
  • The provisions on working time also apply to them. Contract workers cannot work more than 12 hours during 24 hours.

Pensioners who work can receive sick and nursing benefits

Sick pay

  • It is provided to the insured if he has been recognized as temporarily unable to work due to illness or injury or has been ordered to quarantine.
  • From the 1st to the 3rd day of the payment, he will receive sick pay in the amount of 25% of the daily or probable daily assessment base. From the 4th day, sick leave reaches 55%.
  • Sick leave is paid for days. It is paid by the employer for the first 10 days, and from the 11th by Social Insurance. Sick leave can be taken for a maximum of 52 weeks.
  • Sickness insurance levies are paid by old-age, premature and disabled pensioners working on a contract and premature and disabled pensioners employed on an agreement.

Hospital fees

  • The claim arises in the event of the need for personal and round-the-clock care of a sick child, a sick husband, a sick wife, a sick parent or a sick parent of a husband (wife), whose health condition, according to a doctor’s confirmation, inevitably requires care by another person, or personal and round-the-clock care of a healthy child until ten years of age, if the child has been ordered to undergo a quarantine measure, or if the preschool or social service facility in which the child is cared for, or the school the child attends, has been closed by decision of the competent authorities or a quarantine measure has been ordered in them, or a natural person, who otherwise takes care of the child, has fallen ill, has been ordered to quarantine or has been admitted to the institutional care of a medical facility, and therefore cannot take care of the child.
  • the amount of the patient is 55% of the daily or probable daily assessment basis. The dose is given for days, maximum for ten.
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