Wedding rings: history, current trends and a guide to choosing them

Wedding rings have always been very special pieces of jewelry that symbolize people’s marital bonds and commitment. Their history is long and full of fascinating facts, besides, just like, for example, wedding dresses and suits, rings are also affected by various fashion trends. About everything in turn – in this article!

Wedding rings – jewelry that has been known for several millennia

Ancient Egyptian pharaohs used rings as symbols of eternity because they have no beginning and no end. It is interesting that in Ancient Egypt there was a belief that the fourth finger or ring finger contains the vein of love (vena amoris – from Latin), therefore, to this day, wedding rings are worn directly on this finger. In the course of the twists and turns of history, the ancient Greeks and Romans began to use rings as a sign of loyalty, often depicting Eros or Cupid (gods of love) or the motif of keys on the ring, indicating that a woman should have control over the household. In the 3rd and 4th centuries, rings depicting two linked hands became popular, symbolizing the bonds of friendship and marriage.

Common material of rings was iron and copper, but already in the 2nd century gold was mainly used in their manufacture. Materials such as onyx, carnelian, garnet or amethyst were also used. In the Middle Ages, precious stones (rubies, sapphires, diamonds) became especially popular, with which the wedding ring was magnificently complemented. It is interesting that precious stones with which rings and others jewelry were replenished, mostly ended up in Europe via import.

Around the 17th century, the so-called became popular Gimmel rings consisting of two or three interlocking rings. Each of the couple wore their part of the ring until the wedding, but after the wedding it was given to the bride, forming one common ring. Until the last century, wedding rings were mostly worn only by women. The change was largely brought about by the Second World War, during which men began to use rings to remember their wives who stayed at home.

Gold Wedding Rings: What Are Their Latest Trends?

As we have already found out, wedding rings have experienced various changes over time. Of course, the design of wedding rings can be chosen by each couple as they see fit, but if ideas are lacking, it is worth looking at the latest trends. Currently, the following ring options are particularly popular:

  • Frosted rings – a popular option for men, but such a ring is also a great choice for women. Matte rings can be accented with individual polished parts, such as side edges or a band/bands on the outer surface of the ring;
  • Multi-material rings – special elegance radiates from rings made from a combination of several materials, for example platinum – gold wedding rings. Rings made of the same material but in different shades are also popular;
  • Gold rings with small diamonds – constant classics for women’s wedding rings are models made of gold, supplemented with several small diamonds arranged in an even line;
  • White gold wedding rings with colored gems – white gold is a noble metal that helps the precious stones on it stand out (diamond, jade, ruby, sapphire, emerald, turquoise, and many others).

With the growing trend to care for the environment and make ethical choices, rings and other jewelry that are ethically sourced are becoming more and more popular. One example is laboratory-grown or synthetic diamonds, another is rings, which indicate the origin of the ring material, place of extraction and other information.

Modern technologies have also brought a fresh and innovative breeze to the field of wedding rings. It is possible to choose smart rings for the married couple (Smart ring) with various more and less useful functions. One of the most interesting is the possibility to feel the heartbeat of the other ring bearer. True, classic wedding rings are still a much more popular choice. / Lauren Richmond

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