Throw out the bag, but there will be no sweets: housewives never buy this sugar for jam

One detail on the package will help you choose the right sugar for jam.

At first glance, it seems that sugar differs only in price and manufacturer’s brand.

Therefore, people buy first of all the one that is cheaper and of a proven brand. But not every product is suitable for a particular occasion.

For example, many housewives buy sugar to prepare jam from their favorite berries for the winter: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, currants and others.

strawberries and sugar
Photo: Pixabay

However, in some cases, the consumption of sugar is high, and this does not add thickness and sweetness. The thing is that any sugar has quality categories. They are always indicated on the back of the packaging in letters and numbers.

The TC1 and extra markings indicate high-quality sugar with a high degree of purification. Products labeled TC2 and TC3 are not suitable for blanks.

In these cases, the addition of impurities is allowed, so the pack contains not only “pure” sugar. If you use TC2 or TC3, you will have to add 1.5-2 times more product to get the desired result. Therefore, it turns out that there really is no savings.

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