The number of pensions sent abroad increased to over 300,000

In addition to domestic pensions, Sociálna poisťovňa also pays pensions abroad. Last year, it registered 300,598 regularly paid monthly pensions to the countries of the European Union and the European Economic Community (EU and EEC).

This is more than 15,000 more than in 2018, when the Social Insurance Agency sent a total of 285,103 pensions to these countries. Another 13,833 pensions were paid quarterly by the Social Insurance Company last year to other countries, which is more than 600 more than in 2018.

The largest number of regularly paid pensions that Sociálna poisťovňa sent to EU and EEC countries in 2019 went to the Czech Republic (152,304 in total), Germany (40,986), Austria (30,488) and Hungary (24,577). The most regularly paid pensions to EU and EEC countries in 2019 were old age (203,312), disability (50,423) and widow (31,891) pensions.

To other countries, the most pensions were paid to Canada (5,333), the USA (4,226) and Australia (3,127), and old-age (12,583) and widow’s pensions (922) were also predominant.

To countries that are not covered by the coordination regulations of the European Union, pensions are paid in arrears in three-month periods, always only after the pension recipient’s proof of living has been presented. Proof of residence is submitted four times a year, on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 of the calendar year.

Pensions are paid in advance in regular monthly periods, always in regularly recurring payment dates, to the states to which the coordination regulations of the European Union apply. Proof of residence is submitted once a year, on January 31 of the given year.

Source: Social insurance company

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