The number of paid pensions decreased, but early ones increased

Since the beginning of this year, the number of paid early retirement pensions, old-age pensions and disability pensions has slightly increased.

On the contrary, the number of survivors’ pension benefits decreased slightly. Overall, in all categories of pension benefits, a slight downward trend can be observed since the beginning of the year – while in January 2020, Sociálna poisťovňa paid a total of 1,716,129 pensions to policyholders, in July 2020 there were more than 7,000 less – 1,708,746.

Early retirement pensions recorded the largest increase. While in January 2020 Sociálna poisťovňa paid 13,004 of them, in July they were 14,374. The largest group of pension benefits continues to be old-age pensions – since the beginning of the year, their number has fluctuated between 1,088,000 and 1,084,000 monthly. In January 2020, their Sociálna poisťovňa paid out 1,088,208, in February 1,082,544 and in July 1,083,978. The number of disability pensions also increased slightly – from 234,015 in January to 234,236 in July.

On the contrary, there was a slight decrease in the number of survivors’ pensions paid. While 292,648 insured persons received a widow’s pension in January, in July there were more than 2,600 fewer – 289,972. The number of orphan’s pensions also decreased – from 20,395 in January to 18,070 in July, and the same was true for widow’s pensions – in January, 49,452 insured persons received them from the Social Insurance Company, and in July, 242 less – 49,210.

Source: Social insurance company

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