People will receive more money for food and travel from September. Who does it concern?

Meal allowances for employees will be higher. The minimum value of the meal ticket will be 4.80 euros from September. It also means an increased meal allowance for employees, as 55% of this amount is paid by the employer.

The mechanism for determining the amount of the meal allowance is established by the Travel Reimbursement Act. In April, the monthly cumulative price index reached a value of 105.7%, which is an increase of 5.7 percentage points compared to the base (the calendar month according to which the meal allowance amounts were last adjusted by the measure).

This fulfilled the condition for increasing the amount of food allowance for business trips. “We have a well-set system. As soon as inflation rises, the Ministry of Labor, based on data from the Statistical Office, increases the amounts of food and travel allowances. It will also affect people who receive tour tickets and also those who alternatively receive a financial contribution. In total, we will help hundreds of thousands of employees in Slovakia,” says Minister of Labor Milan Krajniak.

From September 1, the amount of the meal allowance will increase as follows:

  • 5 hours to 12 hours of business trip duration from 6 euros to 6.40 euros,
  • over 12 to 18 hours of business trip duration from 9 euros to 9.60 euros,
  • over 18 hours of business trip duration from 13.70 euros to 14.50 euros.

According to the Labor Code, the minimum value of a meal voucher is 75% of the meal allowance for work trips lasting from 5 to 12 hours. With a meal allowance of 6.40 euros, the minimum value of the meal voucher will be 4.80 euros. The Labor Code determines the minimum value of a meal voucher, the employer may decide to provide a meal voucher of a higher value.

Travel compensation will also be higher

Newly, an increase is expected for single-wheeled vehicles and tricycles from 0.059 euros per kilometer to 0.063 euros and for passenger road motor vehicles from 0.213 euros to 0.227 euros per kilometer driven.

Pursuant to the law, the Ministry of Labor adjusts meal allowance amounts for individual time zones based on data from the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic on the price index of meals and non-alcoholic beverages in restaurant catering. The amount will be increased if the difference between the cumulative price index for the relevant calendar month and the base value is at least 5%.

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