Not only soda and vinegar: with this composition you will wash the handles of the stove from grease in an instant

It is not necessary to remove, soak and wait for half an hour.

The surface and door of the stove can be easily washed with dishwashing gel or even plain water, if the dirt is not too difficult.

With a sticky coating on the handles, things are different. If it has been accumulating for years, then you will have to tinker.

Not every store chemistry is suitable for this case. Some products can damage the coating of household appliances or leave stains, dark spots.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Therefore, experienced housewives independently mix the working composition, which never fails them.

To prepare an effective mixture, you need to mix 2 tsp. alcohol, ammonia and glycerin.

The resulting solution is most conveniently applied with a silicone oil brush so that it penetrates into all hard-to-reach joints.

After 5 min. it remains only to wash off the solution with a damp cloth. After such a simple procedure, the pens will be clean again, as on the day of purchase.

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