Not all yogurts are equally valuable

Among all sour milk products, yogurts should be singled out, because recently advertising has achieved its goal – we prefer to buy products from other countries, rather than the well-known kefir since childhood. Is that right?

The countries of the Balkan Peninsula are considered to be the birthplace of yogurt, although it was also used in Muslim countries since ancient times.

Yogurt first appeared in Europe in the 16th century – it was specially brought to the sick French king Louis XII. Yogurt helped, and word of the milk of eternal life quickly spread through the court.

Yogurt became a thing of fashion. However, in fact, it does not differ significantly from other sour milk products – the same kefir, the same healing properties. So not all yogurts are of equal value.

Only live yogurt is healing – only it normalizes the functioning of the intestinal tract, helps against dysbacteriosis, protects against oncological diseases and strengthens immunity.

In addition, when you consume yogurt every day, it can save you from food poisoning.

However, a product that has been subjected to heat treatment does not bring any benefit to the body, it can even harm, for example, provoke atherosclerosis. By the way, whole yogurt should not contain sugar, honey, or fruit.

Doctors recommend including yogurt in the children’s menu no earlier than eight months of age. For preschool children who like this product very much, dentists recommend brushing their teeth more often, because lactic acid can quickly break down the tooth enamel that has not yet strengthened.

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