It is still possible to insure against the coronavirus and its consequences. Insurance companies did not raise prices

What can your current life or critical illness insurance cover in relation to the coronavirus, and what can you do if you don’t have such insurance?

A few months ago, nobody thought about the pandemic. Even though Slovakia is one of the countries least affected by the coronavirus so far, it is worth checking your insurance policies. You may be one of those whose insurance companies have pandemic exclusions. And maybe not.

Like common flu, for example, COVID-19 is not covered by critical illness insurance, but the consequences, such as severe lung failure, already fall under critical illness and you are entitled to insurance coverage. Attention, the insurance company can reduce it if, for example, you did not strictly observe the mandatory quarantine.

Attention, you can insure yourself against the coronavirus and its consequences even these days. Insurance companies did not raise prices. they are the same as they were six months ago.

Miroslava Holičová, director of life insurance at, advises Miroslava Holičová in the show It’s about money, what should be in insurance policies and what do you know about them in today’s situation, if the coronavirus affects you.

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