How to quickly break in tight or narrow shoes. Method that always works

New shoes can often bring discomfort to the feet.

Very often, new shoes are tight, but there are several ways to fix this situation.

How to stretch shoes

  • This can be done when the shoes turned out to be small and it is not possible to break them in. Shoes should not be broken in if they are a couple of sizes too small.
  • The shoes are tight in width, but the length is normal.
  • A little presses along the length, but the width is normal.
  • Shoes become tight after washing or rain.
  • Becomes tight after constant wear.
  • If the size is very different, you can ruin the thing.

Most often, owners immediately use a patch, which can stretch the shoes while wearing. This is the correct solution to the problem, so it is worth starting with it. But it has a drawback – the legs are very sore from calluses.

You can use foam stretcher, which is sold in shoe stores. It varies depending on the material. Before use, read the instructions. Treat the inner surface with a special spray, apply a cotton pad soaked in the mixture to the place where it rubs the shoes. After processing the shoes, put on the stocking, the shoes and break them in for more than 30 minutes.

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You can freeze shoes in the freezer, but this option is only used for new shoes. It is worth putting shoes in a bag, pour water into it and send it to the freezer for 12 hours. Then take out the shoes and defrost. As it melts, the shoes will stretch.

There are several ways to break in leather shoes. Immediately treat the inner surface with an alcohol solution, and then start wearing. You can use boiling water, but be very careful. You can put on warm socks, put on shoes and dry them well with a hair dryer. Stretching leather shoes is very easy, all you need is your patience.

Suede shoes need to be stretched like this. Put it in the freezer for a couple of hours, and then put it on warm socks.

Walk in it and it will stretch. You can use special tools that can be purchased at a shoe store.

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