How to clean silver and gold at home: the easiest and safest way

Products made of silver and gold eventually lose their former luster, which was new.

The problem is plaque, which gradually settles and accumulates on things: jewelry, watches, cutlery, etc.

There is an easy and safe way to clean gold and silver at home.

The method returns the products to their original brilliance and beauty. It does not require any special chemicals.

Golden bracelets
Photo: © Belnovosti

You need to take a silver spoon, wet it with water, and then squeeze out a little ordinary toothpaste. The spoon can be rubbed with your fingers until the plaque is washed off. Then it remains to rinse it under running water and wipe dry.

This is a gentle and completely safe way to clean precious metals. By the same principle, you can clean products made of gold.

Any toothpaste is suitable, but it is better to take with a whitening effect. You can enhance the effect of the ingredient with soda.

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