How to clean nails if there is no nail polish remover at home?

It turns out a situation when the nail polish has come off and the nails are “screaming” to be cleaned, but there is no special tool for removing nail polish at hand, this is quite a common situation, as can be concluded by browsing Internet forums. Is there a home remedy that can help? We are testing!


As one of the ideas to get rid of nail polish, Internet forums and advice pages mention perfume.

All you need is cotton wool and perfume or toilet water! Blow it on a cotton ball a couple of times and try to clean it!

The result is not bad! The nail polish goes on easily, even along the edge of the nail!


You can also try with alcohol, strong is recommended! This time, a cotton swab moistened with vodka was tried.

The result – more work needs to be done to remove the varnish, but the result pleases. Nail polish removed!

Internet sites also recommend: hairspray, hand sanitizer, deodorant, paint remover.


Toothpaste, which helps to peel off nail polish, also sounds like an idea.

Tried – the varnish is minimally removed and it cannot be said for sure that the varnish would peel off more easily. The toothpaste practically took away all of its shine.

Vinegar with lemon juice

Pour 1:1 table vinegar (9%) and lemon juice or its concentrate into a small dish – so that you can dip the nail.

Then, according to the instructions found on the Internet, keep the nails in the nail polish for 10-15 minutes.

It is not easy to remove the nail polish after a certain time with a cotton ball, but it can be seen that the mixture helps to peel it off a little. But… it’s not worth the 10-15 minutes if another method is possible.

Nail polish

Of course, the tried-and-true remedy is the same or some other nail polish.

The instructions are simple – apply one layer of nail polish and immediately wipe off with cotton wool.

The result – after the third time, the nail was already clean, but you have to be careful – the nail polish can stick to the edges of the nail and the cuticles.

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