Garlic, sea buckthorn and parsley for various skin problems

All-natural remedies that will improve your health!

Against eczema
* One tablespoon of ripe rose hips is poured with a glass of boiling water, boiled for 10 minutes, then cooled, strained and rubbed into problem areas.

* From 50 g of honey and 3 heads of garlic, make a slurry (the garlic can be pressed through a press) and rub it into problem areas.

Against wounds that do not heal for a long time
* Sea buckthorn oil is added to the painful area with a pipette, sterile gauze is placed on top and bandaged. The dressing is changed every day.

Against inflamed skin, bumps, fistulas
* One teaspoon of linseed is poured with a tablespoon of boiling water or milk, crushed into a slurry and applied to problem areas.

Against bruises
* To make the bruise disappear faster, rub some parsley leaves and apply to the sore spot.
Usually, the hemorrhage disappears during the day.

Against moisturizing eczema, burns and other skin diseases
* Place a fresh blueberry compress sprinkled with boiling water and pressed on the problem areas.

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