Creative decorations from nut shells and cotton buds

There are no limits to human imagination and creativity! This is also proven by the video published by the Facebook page “Beauty Fashion”, in which it is possible to create wonderful things from items already used in the household. Let’s take a look at some examples!

# Peanut card


It is possible to make a small greeting card design or painting from peanut shells. Glue them, for example, in the shape of flowers and paint them in the colors you want with a felt-tip pen!

# Sun hat

To make a wide border for a small home decor, you only need a string and a paper cup.


First, cuts are made on the sides of the cup, creating several “beams”.


When the “sun” is obtained, take the string and start winding it in a circle from the center of the bottom of the cup, gradually covering the surface first with glue. Cut off the excess edges and the cap is ready!


It can also be decorated with a ribbon or a flower.

# Pistachio flowers


On the other hand, from pistachio shells, by gluing their corners together, you can create beautiful flowers, just like water lilies!

# Snowflake


It turns out that you can make charming snowflakes from cotton buds.

Get more practical ideas in this video!

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