Complaints and returns: When do you have the right to a new item and when do you have to get a refund?

Sales begin, Christmas shopping begins. But what if you buy something that doesn’t fit, arrives damaged, or breaks? What rights do you have when returning goods and claiming them?

When can you return goods without giving a reason? What deadlines do you have to meet and what do the seller have? When can he offer you a new piece, when a different product, and when must he return the money? What do you need to return the goods and who pays for the postage? What are the differences between shopping in brick-and-mortar stores and online? What goods can you not return or claim?

The session It’s Law is about the rights of buyers and the obligations of traders – valuable advice will be provided by lawyer Katarína Kasalová from the MPH law office.

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Prepared in cooperation with the law firm Malata, Pružinský, Hegedüš & Partners sr o.
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