ADVICE: Retirees, do not delay applications for paid pensions for 2019

Every year, between January and the end of March, pensioners request the Social Insurance Office to issue a certificate of pensions paid for the previous calendar year. They need it for various purposes, mostly tax – as an attachment to the tax return for the previous year or for the employer, municipal office, etc.

Branch of the Social Insurance Company, or The client center at the headquarters of the Social Insurance Company in Bratislava will, at the pensioner’s request, make such a confirmation “on hold”. Nevertheless, we warn pensioners not to leave their request to the last minute, as it may happen that the confirmation is not issued to them immediately when they visit the branch. In cases where a pension was granted in the previous year and was not paid continuously for the whole year or when a change was made in its payment, the situation must be checked and the confirmation takes several days. It may therefore cause a situation where the pensioner does not deliver the confirmation to another institution on time.

A request for a certificate of paid pension benefits can be submitted in person at a local branch with a workplace for the performance of pension insurance or at the Information and Counseling Center of the headquarters of the Social Insurance Company; by phone on the free line of the Social Insurance Company 0800 123 123; electronically via the Question Form on the Social Insurance Company website, or via the electronic address In order to obtain a confirmation, the applicant needs to show his identity card when visiting the branch, in written or telephone communication he must provide all his personal information for identification and he must count on the fact that the answer will come in writing to the given address within a few days, not immediately.

You can also apply for a certificate of pensions paid for 2019 in writing at the address: Sociálna poisťovňa, ústredie, 29. augusta 8, 813 63 Bratislava. However, this is a lengthy form that we do not recommend.

The exception is another type of confirmation – namely the Confirmation of Pension Receipt (without stating the amount of the pension) for free train travel. This confirmation is provided by the branch of the Social Insurance Company during a personal visit, always “on hold”, in the case of a written or e-mail request, the confirmation will be sent by post within a few days.

Source: Social insurance company

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