8 effective ways to reduce unwanted wrinkles

It is nothing new that unwanted wrinkles start to appear on the face as we get older. It is just a natural process from which we cannot escape. Today, there are various ways to delay aging, including the formation of wrinkles. We have collected eight effective ways to reduce or slow down the formation of wrinkles without invasive manipulations.


1. Proper facial care

If you want your facial skin to look youthful and without visible wrinkles, you need to follow just four simple things. Avoid direct sunlight. Apply sunscreen to your face when going outside. Also, to avoid the harmful effects of the sun, it is recommended to wear a head covering. It is also important to moisturize the facial skin every day with specially designed products.


2. Lie on your back

Interestingly, how you sleep can also affect your facial skin and contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. Experts recommend sleeping on your back at night. Thus, you may be able to avoid “sleep lines” – wrinkles that appear when you sleep. If you habitually sleep on your side, you may develop wrinkles on your cheeks and chin. On the other hand, when lying on the stomach, wrinkles appear on the forehead.


3. Eat salmon

Salmon and other cold-water fish are excellent sources of protein. Protein is one of the building blocks of healthy skin. Salmon is also high in omega-3 fatty acids. Experts agree that these essential fatty acids nourish our skin and can keep it smooth for longer.


4. Do not strain your eyes – use glasses

Any prolonged facial grimace can contribute to the formation of wrinkles. If you feel that you have poor near or far vision, use glasses. Long-term tension in the eye area strains the facial muscles, which can cause wrinkles to form.


5. Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) procedure

These natural acids are able to remove the layer of dead skin cells. They also help reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes. AHA acids can help increase the amount of collagen in the skin. It is a protein that gives your skin elasticity and firmness.


6. Wash your face properly

When we wash our face with water, we clean it of both dirt and natural oils. It is important to wash your face with running water every morning and evening. However, too much is too much. Experts do not recommend washing your face too often, as it is possible to overclean it and affect its natural protection.


7. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great helper not only against viruses, but it turns out that it is also against wrinkles! To fight unwanted wrinkles, vitamin C should be used externally, or applied to the skin of the face. Creams containing vitamin C increase the amount of collagen in the skin. As well as vitamin C, it protects the skin against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, reduces facial redness, helps fight dark spots on the skin and uneven skin tone.


8. Choose cocoa instead of coffee

It is also possible to fight wrinkles in a very tasty way. It turns out that using cocoa can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Research has shown that cocoa, which contains epicatechin and catechin antioxidants, helps protect the skin from sun damage, improves blood circulation in the skin cells and makes the skin smoother!


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