7 ways to use aloe vera to help you feel and look better

Aloe vera is almost like a home medicine cabinet and a spa salon in one plant. Its amazing properties help skin, hair, teeth and more. Let’s take a look at how aloe vera can help us feel and look better.

1. Helps against dandruff

Aloe vera will perfectly help to solve the problem of dandruff, which tends to worsen during the season of wearing hats.

Cut an aloe vera leaf and scoop out its jelly-like center with a spoon. Mix aloe vera with conditioner, a little olive oil and coconut oil in a bowl. Apply the mass to the scalp. Then wash your hair. The mixture will improve the condition of the scalp and make the hair softer as well.

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2. Face mask

Aloe vera can be used to make a refreshing face mask that will help against dark skin pigments and acne scars. Place the gel-like center of the aloe vera leaf in a blender (separate it as in the previous method) and blend to make it more liquid.

Then cut holes in the napkin for the eyes, nose and mouth. Dip the napkin in aloe vera and thoroughly moisten it. Apply the tissue on the face and let it soak into the skin for 15 minutes.

You can also soften the facial skin and get rid of dry skin by simply cutting an aloe leaf in half and applying its gel-like content to the facial skin.

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3. For hair removal

Aloe vera will help soothe the skin and make it easier to get rid of unwanted underarm hair. Cut an aloe leaf in half lengthwise and apply its content to the armpit. Then take a razor and easily get rid of the hair without damaging the skin.

4. Against dry skin of hands

In cold weather, the skin on our hands becomes drier, especially after using water.

In a bowl, squeeze the cut aloe vera leaves (both their gelatinous content and the leaves themselves) with honey. The mass is applied to the hands and allowed to absorb a little, then the hands are washed. Aloe vera and honey will help get rid of dry skin and soften hands.

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5. Helps in wound care of cuts and scrapes

Aloe vera is not only able to reduce bleeding, but also prevent infections from entering the wound. Cut an aloe leaf and smear the middle of it on the wound. Aloe vera will also provide the necessary relief that will reduce pain and irritation.

6. Helps reduce weight

The health benefits of aloe vera are well known all over the world. According to Britt Brandon, author of The Everything Guide to Aloe Vera for Health, aloe vera can improve the effectiveness of your diet and increase your potential for weight loss. The substances contained in them not only help to lose weight, but also improve the body’s absorption capacity.

Aloe vera has a very bitter taste, so it is best taken orally when blended with other fruits or vegetables that have a sweet taste. You can also add honey or lemon to aloe to make the taste more pleasant.


7. And more..

  • helps relieve the pain of minor burns
  • reduces bruising
  • refreshes the skin after sunburn
  • helps the skin during an allergic reaction
  • relieves irritation after insect bites
  • toothpaste with aloe strengthens teeth and improves gum health
  • relieves minimal vaginal irritations
  • helps diabetics


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