5 recommendations on how to make your new place of residence cozier

Fall is the time when students, teachers, and many others of us change residences to fulfill our commitments and fulfill our dreams. Whether it’s an apartment we rent or a single room owned by relatives, we will spend a lot of time there and it’s important to feel good and cozy every day. Latvia’s leading online store “1a.lv” recommends five simple ways to bring the feeling of home into a room on your own.

1. Introduce your favorite color into the interior

Most likely, you had already found the most suitable color range or even a specific shade in your previous home, which creates peace or, on the contrary, cheers up and makes you happy. Implement it in the new home as well – it will not only refresh the space quickly and efficiently, but also create pleasant feelings and positive memories of the previous home. The Internet store “1a.lv” has noticed that people are increasingly looking for and buying various decors, stickers and even decorative panels to give rooms interesting accents.

2. Restores existing interior items

We often don’t want to buy new furniture for a temporary home, especially if it has been inherited from the owners or the previous place of residence. However, often they are no longer so attractive, although they can perfectly fulfill their function. Repainting or refinishing existing furniture, mirror frames and even lamps can be a good solution. By cleverly painting all or only certain details of objects, it is possible to significantly improve their attractiveness. In addition, nowadays even amateurs, devoting a little time to research, can easily find not only technical solutions and practical advice, but also choose the most suitable products, such as surface primers, in online stores. It is not necessary to touch or study them, but to carefully compare all parameters, according to the application, composition and properties, which can be done most conveniently at home at the computer.


3. Take care of a warm and easy-to-maintain floor covering

Do you like to sit comfortably on the seat cushion and read or watch movies on the floor, but it looks unattractive in your new home? Or maybe the floor is cold, but you want to walk with bare feet? Consider investing in re-flooring. Perhaps the owner of the property would be willing to cover part of the expenses as well, if you propose it. In addition, if you are worried about how to get all the materials to the apartment, by purchasing everything you need online, you can easily get the goods delivered to the door of the apartment. You can lay not only carpet and linoleum yourself, but also laminate and other floor coverings, with a little preparation. It remains to evaluate your wishes and skills in order to choose the best solution.

4. Finish the works started by the owners

Home repair and furnishing often takes time, is tiring, and the final works are neglected. If we haven’t done them ourselves, they may seem unimportant to us over time, but in a home created by others, such little things can get in the way. Do them yourself and you will not only get a more organized environment, but also make the space more personal and create the feeling that it is your home. Add floor slats, a dome lamp or a curtain rod hidden in the pantry, find the best place for a mirror that stands against the wall, or buy small but practical furniture to keep order, such as a shoe rack. In addition, everything you need can be provided quickly and conveniently by making a purchase in the online store. Similar to purchasing electrical engineering, interior items and building materials can be selected quickly and easily according to their color, size, material, function and other technical parameters.

5. Eliminate the defects that have arisen

Even new and beautiful rooms tend to have various major and minor defects that inevitably arise when living in them. To get the feeling of an organized and well-maintained home, be aware of the things that would need to be restored. A scratched wall, splattered ceiling, damaged wallpaper or floor paint, all of this can be fixed even without large and extensive repair work. Make a list, agree with the owners, spend a little effort and enjoy the satisfaction of a beautiful result.

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