Your neighbor will fall away when she sees what you’re growing: The undemanding, evergreen trio will brighten up the garden and the autumn balcony

Even at the end of the season, you definitely want a beautiful flower bed full of colors. This can be arranged by choosing the right species, for example evergreen trees, whose leaves are colored by the cold, or colorful fruits ripen on them.

As a great tip for interesting trees in autumn, we have selected three undemanding, fully frost-resistant, but still little-cultivated species, which the only condition for healthy growth is acidic soil. The great thing is that even owners of balconies or terraces can afford them, because they thrive without any problems even planted in containers, but you have to be careful about watering.

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1. Leukote changes the color of the leaves during the year

Leukote grows in its natural habitat (Leucothoe) in the undergrowth of tall trees, so find semi-shade or full shade for the plant in the garden and also think about placing it on the balcony. Finally, the owners of those oriented to the north can rejoice.

Leukote is the perfect companion not only for autumn...

Leucothoe Leukote is a perfect companion not only for the autumn balcony.

When choosing a species, take into account the final height of the plant, as it can range from 40 to 90 cm. In the garden, Leucothoe is a great companion for heather, rhododendron and other acid-loving species. Evergreen species are better suited to our growing conditions, but their leaves change color depending on the season.

Leukote requires humous, acidic, moist soil and...

leucothoe Leukote requires humous, acidic, moist soil and does not tolerate complete drying of the substrate. A good aid for maintaining moisture and acidity is a litter made of wood chips or the bark of conifers.

  • L. fontanesiana grows to a height of about 90 cm. Variety ‘Whitewater’ its leaves are creamy-white around the edges, but in spring they are pink, bronze and green, in summer they are dark green, and with the arrival of cold days they turn pink to purple again. In order for the bush to maintain a compact shape, after flowering, excessively long branches must be shortened
  • L. walteri belongs to the lower species, while offering a varied variety ‘Rainbow’. The leaves are light green, but also have distinctive cream-white and red spots. They are pink when budding, purple-red in autumn.
  • L. axillaris it is great for outdoor pots, because the plants grow to a height of no more than 40 cm. We mainly recommend the variety ‘Curly Red’ with striking, gently twisted leaves. They are very shiny, fresh green in the spring, later dark green and purplish-red during the winter, and last until spring.
The spectrum of leukote species and varieties is rich.  U...

leucothoe The spectrum of leukote species and varieties is rich. Evergreen species with colorful decorative leaves are available here, which can be beautifully combined with other acid-loving trees.

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