Where to position your wood stove in the house?

Choosing the right location to install your wood or pellet stove is essential to obtain good draft, in complete safety. Here are some keys to finding the ideal location.

A gentle warmth, a cozy atmosphere. You want to equip your house with a wood stove or a pellet stove. Be sure to follow a few rules and tips to benefit optimally from its heat.

What regulations must be respected when installing a wood stove?

Certain rules must be respected if you want to install a wood stove in your home:

  • The location of the flue

The positioning of your wood stove depends primarily on where your smoke exhaust duct is located. If it already exists, you will have few options for positioning your stove and connecting it to the exhaust duct.

Conversely, if you have to install it, your room for maneuver is greater. But you must comply with the safety standards in force (NF DTU 24.1 standard), in order to avoid any risk of fire and benefit from optimal draft. The outlet of the conduit must therefore be at least 40 cm from the ridge of the roof. The connecting conduit must not have more than two 90° elbows, and this angle cannot be direct.

Safety distances must be respected around the wood stove. Be careful never to place it near flammable materials (beam, wall, wooden floor, furniture). The distances are indicated in the manufacturers’ instructions; they depend on the materials used. If necessary, position a protection plate on the walls. Carry out the same operation on your floor, with a steel or glass plate, if it is wood, linoleum, or carpet for example.

How to choose the location for your wood stove?

Certain criteria must be taken into account to optimize the installation of your stove and benefit from pleasant heat:

  • Opt for the ground floor

Prefer to install your stove on the ground floor, because the heat can rise upstairs and also diffuses more easily into other rooms in your home. This is also often where the living rooms are located, where we spend the most time and which need to be heated.

  • Choose a central piece

A stove positioned in the center of your house allows you to heat the surrounding rooms and benefit from gentle warmth.

  • Prefer the middle of a room

If the layout of your house allows it, place your stove in the middle of a room and not against a wall. This position promotes better heat distribution. But if this is not possible, make sure that the air circulates all around the stove.

  • Consider air circulation

Air circulation (its direction) in the house is a criterion not to be neglected. As the air circulates from dry rooms (living room) to wet rooms (bathroom, kitchen, toilet), place your wood stove at the start of the circuit: the air will transport heat throughout your home. The heat will also diffuse better if it does not encounter an obstacle in its path, such as a door or a partition.

The best location for installing your wood stove will allow you to reduce your heating bill.

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