What to plant, sow or harvest in April?

April marks the return of spring, a long-awaited return to the garden. What to plant in your vegetable garden in April? What to harvest? What to do in the orchard? And on the terrace? Our answers.

In April at garden, you will first have to be careful. Because the last frosts could be fatal for gardeners who are in a hurry to plant. Even if the offer becomes very abundant in your favorite garden center, resist! Whether in your vegetable garden, in your flowerbeds or flowerbedskeep the protections (tarpaulins or textiles) put in place to protect your most sensitive plants.

What to plant in your vegetable garden in April ?

Carrots, radishes, salads….: it’s time to do the first spring sowing to prepare for future summer harvests.

In the open ground, start your sowing :

Under cover, you can start sowing :

As for aromatic plants, you can sow indoors :

And in the open ground :

What to harvest from your vegetable garden in April ?

It’s the spring and new fruits and vegetables appear in your garden: garlic, artichoke, asparagus, beets, strawberries, oranges…

Discover the complete list of seasonal vegetables and fruits: April: what vegetables and fruits are in season?

What to do in the orchard?

April is the last month to plant your small fruit bushes such as redcurrant, blackcurrant or raspberry. It’s also time to mulch your strawberries and divide your rhubarb plants.

Once flowering has passed, also consider treating your pear and apple trees with Bordeaux mixture. Likewise, take care of your vines and treat them against cryptogamic diseases.

What flowers should you admire in your garden?

April marks the start of spring for a very large number of plants that will beautify your garden. Periwinkles and pansies will light up your flowerbeds while the various hidden bulbs (tulips, hyacinths or even grape hyacinths) in your flowerbeds will be reborn after their long winter breaks.

Lilac perfumes the spring air alongside mock orange, magnolia, ceanothus, azalea, rhododendron, but also the Mexican orange tree…

What flowers to plant in April ?

Now is the time for you to:

  • Choose and sow your annual flowers such as cosmos, gaillardia or California poppies…
  • Plant or replant certain perennials
  • Repot your oleanders
  • Cutting your hydrangeas
  • Marcotte your wisteria, honeysuckle, forsythia, clematis, magnolia
  • Also plant dahlias, lilies or gladioli which will bloom in your garden at the end of summer or in autumn

On the maintenance side, you will be able to:

  • Make the first cut of your hedge
  • Scarify and repair your lawn

What to do for your houseplants ?

At home, repot your green plants that are a little cramped. To help them come out of winter gently, you can provide them with fertilizer and drench the leaves. Finally, for the most experienced gardeners, it is also time to take cuttings.

What to do on your balcony or terrace ?

Go through your pots, bins and planters, repot if necessary, and add compost to feed your plants.

Also remember to clean your concrete terrace using natural products, such as baking soda, soda crystals, black soap or white vinegar.

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