Tulips will give an unprecedented bloom: here’s what you need to do as soon as the snow melts

Tulips are one of the first in the garden to wake up after winter and rush to please flower growers with their bright buds.

In order for the plants to decorate the site, you need to feed. The first fertilizers are applied almost immediately after the snow melts. This is usually done in March or early April.

First dressing of tulips

After waking up from winter sleep, tulips begin to grow green mass. During this period, plants need nitrogen supplements.

Humus is scattered on wet soil – 5 kg per square meter. However, it is important that the fertilizer overripe for at least 3 years.

Photo: © Belnovosti

From alternative options for spring top dressing, you can choose:

1. Ammonium nitrate and wood ash – 20 g and 1 cup per “square”.

2. Nitroammophoska – 40 g per square meter.

3. Urea – 30 g per 10 liters of water. Make 0.5 liters per flower.

Dry fertilizers are scattered, and then embedded in the soil with shallow loosening.

If liquid top dressing is applied, then the soil should be moist. When using such fertilizers after the snow melts, it is not necessary to additionally water the plantings.

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