Treat the bed with onions in the summer with such a powder – the pest does not fit per kilometer, and the heads grow large

The onion fly is enemy number one for beds in some areas – they eat the head from the inside.

Because of this, the head becomes soft, and the sprouts turn yellow and become unsuitable for harvesting.

We suggest paying attention to a method that will help drive the pest out of the garden.

For the preparation of the powder, we will not use chemicals and other harmful substances.

Photo: © Belnovosti

What to take:

  1. The first ingredient is one kilogram of wood ash, which not only nourishes the plants, but also repels pests.
  2. Next, add soda – it does not act as a fertilizer, but it effectively drives away pests due to the alkaline base.
  3. Then we pour tobacco dust – it contains nicotine, which acts as a repellant from flies and other insects.

This powder will help get rid of the onion fly and get a healthy harvest.

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