This onion will not be damaged by frost and you can even dig it out from under the snow: Treat yourself to fresh onions in the dead of winter and beautify the flower bed during the summer

Have you heard of spring onions? It is a perennial useful plant, which, however, due to its appearance, also meets the parameters of an ornamental perennial. Plant it in the herb garden or among the flowers near the terrace and have fresh cloves at hand 365 days a year.

Winter onion (Allium fistulosum) is a perennial vegetable that has not yet found the firm place it deserves in the hearts of gardeners. He doesn’t need much, but he can offer you a lot.

Hollow leaves of winter onion can be 30 to...

winter onion The hollow leaves of the winter onion can be 30 to 100 cm high.

Bulbs grow in bunches, which can be up to 20 or 25 cm in diameter. They are part of the mother bulb and you can easily separate them from it, which is a great way to propagate. The plant is frost-resistant, so the leaves are really green throughout the year and also suitable for consumption. It’s great, because winter onions will fill an empty window at a time when you don’t have any other onion vegetables available in the garden. It is mostly used for consumption as a scallion, but you can also dig up underground bulbs. This species is characterized by a milder taste than you are used to with kitchen onions. Onions are crunchy, tender and juicy.

Growing from seeds

If you don’t have anyone in your area who would dig up some bulbs for you or provide you with bulbs, you can grow the plant from seeds. It is a little more laborious, but the result is definitely worth the effort. You can sow the seed already in summer, but you can do it now before winter, or later in spring. Give the plants a sunny location, while afternoon partial shade is also fine. With classic sowing in rows, these should be 30 cm apart, and later unite the plants in the row to 20 cm. However, you can easily sow winter onions just like that – a little among the herbs, a little among the perennials… Do not be discouraged by the fact that the leaves will be very thin in the first year and it looks completely different from what you see in the photos. The plants gradually get stronger and the bunches grow over the years.

Winter onions can be part of not only...

winter onion Winter onions can be part of not only vegetable beds, but also ornamental and herb beds. Interesting borders can also be created from it.

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