These 4 mistakes when pruning grapes make all novice gardeners

Experienced gardeners know that in order to get a consistently good and sweet harvest, you need to prune grapes every year.

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  • Not those escapes
  • Abandonment of stepchildren
  • Trimming time

But sometimes even experienced summer residents make gross mistakes in this matter, which lead to disastrous consequences for plants.


Gardeners pay the main attention to lateral shoots. But at the same time they forget about the upper part of the bush. It is necessary to remove 50-90% of the top growth to avoid bush thickening.

Not those escapes

The correct cut looks like this:

Photo: © Belnovosti

1. Shoots that have completed fruiting.

2. Branches that thicken the bush and contribute to the development of fungal diseases.

As a result, a stem with perennial and thin shoots should remain. Removing such branches is a mistake.

Abandonment of stepchildren

Gardeners call them “extra ballast”, which not only thickens the plant, but also takes away nutrients. Stepchildren are removed necessarily so that the plant frees up resources for fruit ripening.

Trimming time

The most unfortunate periods for pruning are spring and summer. The best time to clean up the vineyard is late autumn. The plant has completed fruiting, so you need to help him go for the winter.

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