The pesky flies are still out there. They occupy kitchens and spoil food: Get rid of them with our reliable trap

Wine, fruit or vinegar… Basically, it doesn’t matter what you call them. They will annoy your life just the same. Now is their time.

Ripening fruits, vegetables, various natural juices and, of course, wine in a glass are fully enjoyed. This is their world. Do not wait for them to disappear naturally with the arrival of colds. Take action against them before they wear you down and drive you crazy.

In a few days they will infest the whole apartment

There are more than 3,000 species of flies from the Drosophila family (Drosophilaidae), but it is most often found in apartments common drosophila (Drosophila melanogaster). Although its size usually does not exceed 3 mm, it can do more than a proper butcher’s knife. Are you wondering where you actually got her from? So, for example, with every purchase you can bring a few fruit fly eggs with you on fruit or vegetables. However, it is quite enough if even one adult and fertilized female wanders over to you. A particle of a few millimeters will lay hundreds of eggs. They hatch into larvae shortly after, and it only takes two weeks for them to develop into adult flies. However, if the larvae have enough food and a favorable temperature, the transformation into an adult can take only 10 days.

It's unbelievable that this tiny fly will give you...

wine fly It’s unbelievable that this tiny fly can make it completely uncomfortable for you to work in your own kitchen.

Prevention is good, but it will not solve the problem

There are countless ways to get rid of wine flies. A working prevention is to store fruits and vegetables in well-sealed containers. However, it should be borne in mind that wine flies also appreciate beer, milk, ketchup, jams or vinegar. And if you sort your kitchen bio-waste, definitely take it all to the outside container as soon as it is created. For the fight against wine flies, only traps with lures have proven effective. Place them on the kitchen counter or where you have the biggest problems with flies. In case of a strong occurrence, renew the lure in the trap every two to three days.

Covering fruit and others, for wine flies...

wine fly Covering fruit and other tempting food for wine flies is a great idea, but you wouldn’t believe the micro gaps they can slip through.

Lures that flies in a trap cannot resist

Apple cider vinegar, 100 percent apple juice, white wine or a piece of fresh yeast with a teaspoon of sugar mixed in a little lukewarm water, a piece of apple, banana – just the peel, tomatoes.

The top wine fly trap that has proven itself the most in our household. You must try this combination of lures. It’s clear that you won’t get rid of the flies until the end, since they really swarm everywhere during this period, but after using the trap, you will definitely feel that there are tens to units out of hundreds. And that can already be said to be a success.

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