The drooping cactus will bloom with renewed vigor: the buds will be awakened by one simple action

Most cactus flowers can be stimulated with a little “shaking” in winter and early spring.

  • What do cacti need?
  • Temperature regime

If the plant stubbornly does not bloom and withers, then one simple action will wake it up. Even experienced flower growers and biologists advise him.

What do cacti need?

The trick is not in top dressing and special watering. Each plant goes through a certain cycle. So, cacti will not bloom if they are constantly warm. In winter and early spring, keeping them in a cool room is useful for them.

A temperature that is below the usual +20 … 25 ° C serves as a signal for cacti that spring will begin soon. As soon as warm days come and there is a lot of sunlight, the plants will bloom.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Temperature regime

The first and most important rule when keeping cacti in a cool room is to stop watering. Especially if the temperature is below +10 °C. There are some species that need lower temperatures – about +5 ° C.

For example, rebutia, lobivia, pseudolobivia, sclerocactus, pedocactus, tephrocactus and others.

But for ferocactus, eriocactus, frailey, some hymnocalyciums, it is better to provide a temperature of +15 ° C. It is also important that the room is light and dry.

By the end of wintering, cacti often become smaller, shrivel, and some of them, such as lophophores, become soft. This is normal.

In the spring, after careful watering, the plants, feeling moisture, will grow new roots, be saturated with water and take on their former appearance. And those specimens that have reached the optimum age will delight with chic flowering.

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