The best recipe for autumn whitewash for pears: composition from professional gardeners

The quality and quantity of the future harvest directly depend on the simple procedures that must be performed in the garden with the onset of autumn.

You can start planning work even in September.

The main thing is to correctly calculate your time in order to finish preparing the trees for winter 2-3 weeks before the onset of frost.

It is worth taking on whitewashing pears after sanitary pruning of the tree has been carried out.

Photo: © Belnovosti

The composition must be applied to the pear trunk and thick skeletal branches.

This is the only way you can protect the culture from possible burns caused by the sun’s rays, as well as from pests – after all, insects love to hide in the bark.

To prepare a protective composition, stir in a 10-liter bucket filled with water, 2.5 kg of slaked lime.

You can help the whitewash stay on the tree longer with ordinary wallpaper glue. For such a volume of water, 200 g of the drug will be needed.

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