Prevention of late blight in the greenhouse: 4 mandatory activities that every summer resident should take

If you are concerned about what should be done to prevent plants from being affected by an insidious disease, this information will benefit you.

1. First of all, of course, not planes, but cleaning. All plant debris that remains in the greenhouse after the crop has migrated to storage in the cellar should be destroyed.

Experienced gardeners do not recommend using plant residues for composting, since the tops, leaves, roots and rotten fruits are a haven for fungal spores, their use can infect all the raw materials in the compost pit.

2. All elements of the greenhouse that can be removed should be taken out and washed thoroughly with soapy water.

Photo: © Belnovosti

For its preparation in a 10-liter bucket filled with water, it is necessary to dissolve 50 g of soap.

3. The same will have to be done with the greenhouse itself – use a soapy solution to thoroughly wash the entire structure inside and out.

4. The final step is digging the soil.

In any case, you will have to take on a shovel – this is the only way you can raise the larvae that were going to spend the winter in the soil to the surface, where they will be destroyed by the coming cold.

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