No manure or compost needed: this irrigation water will replace all fertilizers at once

Some summer residents mistakenly consider such water dangerous, but in vain.

  • water bloom
  • Feed water

This liquid contains a lot of nutrients. In terms of value, such water is not inferior to manure and compost.

water bloom

Peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and some other crops categorically do not accept cold water. Usually summer residents water the plants with warm liquid, which has been heated all day under the rays of the sun.

Often, gardeners make a solid supply of water, filling buckets, barrels and other containers with it. In one day, the liquid is not consumed, so the part costs several days, a week or more. Such water begins to bloom, becoming not transparent, but emerald.

Shovel and watering can
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Summer residents believe that such a liquid is not suitable for irrigation, so they pour it out and collect a new one. But green water is good for plants.

Feed water

The spring water from the well is cold and “lifeless”. It has almost no oxygen. Experienced gardeners do not recommend moistening the beds with such water.

The one that has warmed up and bloomed is ideal. The changes are due to the activity of chlorella and other algae. Blooming water contains a lot of oxygen. It is warm and nutritious, so with such watering, fertilizers are not needed.

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