Leek – soft and sweet bulb

Leeks belong to the lily family, like garlic and shallots. It has a milder and sweeter taste.

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The taste of leek is slightly milder than its relatives onion and garlic.

It is grown for its leaves and is specific, among other things, in that it lasts on the beds even in winter frosts and has the advantage that it can be kept until spring.

When buying a leek, you need to make sure that it is firm, straight – with a diameter ideally up to 4 centimeters. The individual pieces should be approximately the same size, let it cook evenly, but it is better to steam it a little or lightly fry it. We can also freeze leeks.

Do you know that…?

Leeks together with onions belonged to the regular and sometimes, together with bread, the only meals of the Egyptian workers during the construction of the pyramids. The Roman emperor Nero appreciated him, it is said that he helped him to have a beautiful voice.

Regular consumption of leek contributes to lowering blood pressure and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Leek has diuretic effects, therefore it helps detoxify the body. It contributes to the treatment of infections and, last but not least, thanks to its high fiber content, it is an ideal food for proper bowel function. It is recommended for constipation and digestive problems. Thanks to its low calorie content, it can be enjoyed in large quantities even by those who are trying to reduce their weight. However, leeks should be avoided by people suffering from kidney and gallbladder disease. It contains a large amount of oxalic acid salts, which are not suitable for these people. Since these salts impair the ability to absorb calcium, consumption should also be avoided by those suffering from calcium deficiency. To preserve the greatest content of healthy substances, it is best to consume leeks raw or steamed. If we are going to add it to soups, it is enough to boil it for a short time.


A, B6, C, K

Nutrients and minerals

essential oils containing sulfur, fiber; potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium, phosphorus

The taste of leek is slightly milder than its relatives onion and garlic. As part of soup vegetables, it softens soups, it is added to stews, it is also good baked. We can fry it, stuff it, stew it, cut it into rolls, meat mixes, salads, spreads, potato or rice dishes. Leek soup or baked leek with cheese sauce is popular. It goes very well with savory cakes (for example, upside-down cake with caramelized leeks is a favorite). You should try it, for example, in a Dijon cream sauce with chicken, traditional Afghan bags with meat sauce or in a spicy soup with smoked paprika. However, after eating, it can cause someone to be bloated just like onions, especially overfertilized leeks are very bloated.

The original homeland of the leek is southern Europe, southwestern Asia, southern England and Persia. Leek cultivation has a long tradition, it was cultivated by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans in ancient times. It is grown almost all over the world not only as a vegetable, but also as a spice.

Creamy leek soup

We need:
400 g of leeks, 3 tablespoons of butter, 3 tablespoons of plain flour, 1 liter of cubed stock, 300 ml of cream, 50 ml of milk, 1 egg yolk, ground black pepper, salt
First, fry the chopped leek in a spoonful of butter, cover it with part of the broth and simmer gently. From the rest of the butter and flour, make a stew, dilute it with broth, whisk and cook. Add stewed leeks, which can be mixed, boiled, softened with cream, salted and seasoned. Soften with the yolk beaten in milk and decorate the plate with leek rings.

Leek spread with cottage cheese and mustard

We need:
2 eggs, 80 g of butter, 1 tbsp of full-fat mustard, salt, ground black pepper, leeks, cottage cheese in a tub
Put the butter in a bowl and melt it in the microwave, then add the cottage cheese from the tub and mix with a whisk. Add a teaspoon of full-fat mustard and mix. Add finely chopped leeks and hard-boiled and finely chopped eggs. Salt and pepper. Spread on pastry or bread.

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