How to water a money tree to bloom quickly: a home trick

A popular plant is considered a talisman of wealth, happiness and prosperity.

  • Top dressing for the money tree
  • How to care for a money tree
  • Growing mistakes

The plant fits perfectly into any interior and looks good in any room.

To maintain the beautiful appearance of the plant, it must be properly looked after, only in this case it can please with flowering.

Top dressing for the money tree

Crassula – this is also called this plant – will not fully develop if it lacks nutrition.


For the money tree, top dressing is chosen, which includes nitrogen and calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

How to care for a money tree

For the flowering of the money tree, it is useful to observe the conditions of maintenance in summer and winter, which differ in many ways.

From September to February, it is preferable to keep the plant in a cool room and refuse abundant watering. At this time, Crassula does not need moisturizing.

Starting in March, the money tree can be watered and started to be fed with special fertilizer for cacti 2 times in 14 days.

During the dormant period, top dressing is applied with great care and their amount is reduced by 2 times.

Growing mistakes

During the winter dormancy, the plant is not fertilized, but many continue to do so in such volumes as in summer.

In winter, the roots of the plant will not be able to absorb nutrients in large volumes and their application will be useless, even harmful.

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