How to feed pelargonium so that the leaves do not turn yellow: this fertilizer works wonders

Pelargonium is considered an unpretentious indoor plant that easily tolerates a lack of moisture.

  • Yellowing pelargonium
  • Top dressing for pelargonium

However, the flower needs good lighting and nutrition for abundant flowering and a healthy appearance.

Pelargonium is grown both in the garden and in an apartment or house. Along with the orchid, the plant perfectly complements the home flower garden.

But it often happens that pelargonium leaves turn yellow. In this case, you need to urgently feed the “green pet”.

Photo: © Belnovosti

Yellowing pelargonium

If the leaves of the flower turn yellow from below, then the plant lacks zinc and magnesium. Drying of the upper processes indicate a deficiency of calcium and manganese.

Top dressing for pelargonium

Many amateur flower growers turn to folk remedies for help. Banana skin, onion peel or coffee grounds and tea leaves are used.

But alternative methods must be used wisely, otherwise you can not help the plant, and attract midges, and “settle” an unpleasant smell.

To avoid undesirable consequences, experienced flower growers recommend using special tools. For example, the preparation “Agricola” contains the necessary minerals for pelargonium.

Fertilizing once a week ensures long flowering and a healthy look of your favorite flower all year round.

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