February: what vegetables and fruits are in season?

A little more patience before returning to the colors of spring fruits and vegetables. In the meantime, carrots and cabbage for vegetables and citrus fruits and apples for fruits are preferred.

Despite preconceived ideas, it is possible, even in FEBRUARYto eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. For this mid-season, citrus-based desserts are ideal.

Vegetables of the month of February

Potato dishes or endive salads can be on the menu for lunches and dinners in February.

Don’t neglect old vegetables, such as parsnips, rutabaga or Jerusalem artichoke. Brought up to date by the greatest chefs, they are increasingly appealing to consumers. They can be eaten fresh until the end of winter. Rich in fiber, vitamins and mineral salts, they will bring original flavors to your plate.

Cabbages are also in the spotlight in February: don’t hesitate to try new varieties (red, curly, Brussels, Chinese cabbage) or new ways of cooking them (in salads, stuffed etc.)

Fruits of the month of February

Enjoy citrus and exotic fruits again. They can easily integrate into a fruit salad or grace a pavlova.

Remember that there are many varieties of apples. In February, you will find Gala, Royal Gala, Golden, Elstar, Cœur de reine, Ariane, Pink lady, Belle de boskoop, Canadian gray pippin, Granny smith, Fuji etc.

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