Do I need to pick potato flowers: what gardeners say

Until now, many summer residents believe that if you cut off potato flowers in time, you can significantly increase the yield of tubers and their quality.

  • Why are they breaking?
  • Why don’t they break?

No one forces you to do this, just as no one can forbid it. But it will still be useful to know: is it not a waste of time and effort?

Anastasia Kovrizhnykh, an expert of the BelNovosti online publication, agronomist, landscape designer, shared a few details that will help you decide on this issue.

Why are they breaking?

It is believed that the flowers need additional nutrition, and after the potato seeds begin to ripen, the plant spends its energy not on the formation of tubers, but on the seeds.

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At the same time, it is often added that flowers are of little benefit to the plant.

Therefore, in some farms it is customary to cut them off.

So you can avoid the emergence and maturation of seeds, which also does not harm the plant.

Why don’t they break?

Opponents of this concept believe that it is not necessary to pick flowers on potatoes.

The fact is that they attract pollinating insects.

It is also believed that a person should not interfere with the development cycle of a plant.

There is no evidence that more large tubers grow after flowers are cut off.

In addition, the preservation of flowers will allow you to collect high-quality seed material that can be used for planting in the future and preserve the varietal qualities of the crop.

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