Dill will grow wildly and luxuriantly, like a weed in the garden: 2 tips for growing

Dill does not require special conditions and can grow on its own, giving summer residents a harvest of juicy and spicy twigs from year to year.

  • The secret of germination
  • Pest protection

Simple tips will help you easily have a solid supply of fragrant greens every summer.

The secret of germination

Seasoned summer residents sow dill before winter. The nuance is that dill seeds are coated with essential oils. Until it dissolves, there will be no shoots. With standard seeding, the shell does not always have time to dissolve.

It is more efficient to prepare the garden bed in the fall. Until the ground is frozen, grooves are torn off for dill. The soil is collected in a bag and wait until the temperature is below zero.

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With the advent of cold weather, seeds are sown, covered with stored land. They don’t cover anything, they don’t even use dry leaves.

Dill germinates at a temperature of +2 °C, and shoots are not afraid of short-term frosts down to -6 °C.

Pest protection

Not all summer residents face dill pests. Sometimes the plant develops on its own, and gardeners only pluck the right amount of greenery. But most often dill is attacked by umbrella and earthen fleas.

If pests annoy from year to year, then as a preventive measure, you can immediately use Fitoverm. One spraying is enough for 3 weeks, and greens can be eaten after 2 days.

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