Cucumbers and zucchini with yellowing leaves will be saved by this mixture: note to summer residents

To prepare the product, you will need the remains of one vegetable.

Yellowness on the leaves of cucumbers and zucchini can make gardeners nervous.

Some inexperienced gardeners decide that the problem is a lack of nutrients, so they rush to “please” the plants with a double portion of fertilizer.

But in fact, you need to act differently. It is enough to treat the leaves with a special infusion to revive the plants and increase productivity.

Photo: © Belnovosti

A remedy is prepared from onion peel. A ten-liter bucket should be filled a third with cleanings and poured with warm water.

The remedy is infused for about a day. Before use, the volume must be brought to 10 liters and the plantings should be processed according to the sheet.

An infusion of onion peel is suitable for zucchini and cucumbers, which began to turn yellow on the eve of fruiting. The tool is completely safe, so it will not affect the quality of the crop.

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