An effective way to plant carrots: the grass will not grow and will not need to be thinned

Carrots are a popular root crop in summer cottages. The vegetable is not only tasty, but also very healthy, and it is also actively used in cooking.

But how to grow carrots without any problems, so that you do not have to thin them out often or constantly get rid of weeds.

The owners of suburban areas know the way.

First you need to germinate the seeds.

Photo: © Belnovosti

How to do it?

You need to take any container and put a damp cloth in it, and you can spread the seeds on top. From above, the planting material must also be covered with a damp cloth. Then the container is closed with a bag, but you need to make several holes in it so that oxygen still enters the seeds.

As a result, the carrots will germinate, and the excess oil from the seeds will go away. This procedure takes about 4 days.

Next, you need to prepare them for landing.

As a container for planting, a cardboard egg container is suitable. It is necessary to make holes in it, and all other procedures are classic.

What is the advantage of such a container? It will be able to decompose in the soil later, and will also retain moisture well.

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